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Scrap Metal Recycling

Copper Scrap metal servicesWhat is the difference between Phoenix Metal Trading and our competitors?
The difference between PMT and other scrap companies is the extra services we provide.

Effective management of your company's scrap results in greater savings. We can evaluate your company's production and customize a program that maximizes your scrap revenue.

Accurate Weighing and Grading at PMT
You can trust PMT to give you fair grading and accurate weighing. We have built a reputation of integrity and treat our customers the way we would like to be treated.

Complete Care Programtitanium Scrap metal services
PMT understands that industrial companies have many waste bi-products throughout their production cycles. That is why we offer a Complete Care Program (CCP) to our customers.

The Complete Care Program includes recycling of wood, plastic, batteries, cans, halogen light bulbs, cardboard, and trash to offer customers a one stop shop for all it's recycling needs.

Our CCP keeps much material out of the landfills and helps our customers be better prepared for the ever increasing need to operate in greener environments while reducing costs.

Load Tracking / Audit Trail
We track each load from pickup to payment. Our drivers leave a signed, numbered "pickup request" which follows your scrap through to payment. Our computerized ROM (Recycling Operations Management) facilitates this process.

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