Industrial Metal Recyclers

Serving Arizona Since 1989
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Recycling Equipment

Metal Recycling TruckWe have a dedicated fleet of trucks and trailers to serve our customers. Our containers range in size from small totes to 40-yard roll-off boxes, or we can custom build containers to your specifications.

Our list of containers includes:

3X3 boxes
Stackable 4X4 boxes
Stackable 4X6 boxes
10-yard roll-off boxes
20-yard roll-off boxes
scrap metal rental continers 30-yard roll-off boxes
40-yard roll-off boxes
Van trailers
Roll-off trailers
Self-dumping hoppers
Gaylord boxes
Plant Equipment

scrap metal flat bed pickup recycling metal rental bins scrap metal rental bins

We have everything necessary to process your scrap safely and efficiently to give you the greatest return. Our plant equipment includes:

Harris Automatic Bailer
Upstroke and downstroke balers
Hydraulic Shears
Bobcat Loaders
Oil and coolant filtration system
Secondary water reclamation system
Shaker/sorting tables

metal loading bobcat recyling metal bailer metal recycling forklift scrap metal barrel

Once your scrap is processed, it is marketed to mills, foundries, and specialty consumers around the world.