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About Phoenix Metal Trading

jon colnerPhoenix Metal Trading History

Phoenix Metal Trading, Inc. was established in 1989 as an independent, privately held scrap metal recycler. Jonathan Colner, co-founder and president is now the sole owner and has helped develop the business from an initial $150,000 investment to one of Arizona's largest and fastest growing full service recyclers. Phoenix Metal Trading (PMT) has become recognized as one of the most energetic and innovative companies in the scrap metal industry. Its reputation for professionalism and exemplary service has led to long-term relationships with many of the Southwest's top industrial companies.

Our Mission

Our mission at Phoenix Metal Trading is to provide the best service at a fair price and to continually improve our company to be a leader in our industry.

Customer Base

From individual peddlers to Fortune 500 companies, Phoenix Metal Trading has worked to build long-term relationships, which in turn, has helped to bring additional business opportunities to our customers. We service companies throughout Arizona.

Our customers represent a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, machine shops, metal fabricators, plumbers, electricians, defense/military, as well as government agencies on the Federal, State, and Municipal level.


We are members of ISRI, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries and of ATMA, the Arizona Tooling, Machining Association and American Copper Council.

jon colner

The Team

jon colner

Jon Colner With experience in business since 1978, the founding member and owner of Phoenix Metal Trading helps maintain our customer base. He sees to it that our customers receive the attention they deserve. His hobbies include photography, drumming to rock or jazz, and spending time with his grandchildren.

steve bancroft

Steve Bancroft With a diverse background in the scrap industry from running his family recycling business in the 1970's and 1980's to corporate experience with some of the giants of the scrap metal industry, Steve brings a "can do" attitude to Phoenix Metal Trading which spreads among the whole staff. Steve is the plant manager and his responsibilities range from selling our inventory to running the yard. Steve travels to China regularly and keeps up the relationships he has built over the years.

Ian James

Ian James - Leads our Business Development team
Originally from the UK some 20-plus years ago, Ian has been with PMT over 10 years and has been instrumental in developing new markets and customers. Ian prides himself in adapting to the customer's needs and finding solutions that maximize recovery values and efficiencies. Ian is still active as a professional racing driver and his engineering background helps him relate to our industrial customers. This has aligned with his get it done attitude and personal touch make him well regarded by our customers. Be it in the boardroom, deciding on strategic company direction, or making something happen in the yard, Ian is a valued member of our team.

bob nichols

Bob Nichols He is our outside buyer. He formerly ran a well known aluminum extrusion plant here in Phoenix and his knowledge of materials and methods has helped our company grow. Bob is an outdoorsman and enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time.

Claudia Meza

Claudia Meza The center of operations, Claudia is our dispatcher and transportation manager. She is the one you will talk to if you need a container switched out or if you need to schedule an outbound load. She is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Claudia Meza

Tony Garcia With a diverse experience in the scrap industry, Tony runs our baler and its surroundings. He can operate any piece of equipment and repair it as well. He is well liked by the employees and gets maximum performance from them as well as the machines he watches over. Tony had an extensive background in the scrap metal business even before coming to Phoenix Metal Trading and helped run the non-ferrous department in one of the largest scrap companies in the Southwest.

Pascual Herrera.

Pascual Herrera Most scrap yards have a public scale and Pascual runs ours. If you bring material in for sale, this is the guy you will deal with. He brings a smiling good nature to a difficult job and is well liked by our clientele. He is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Flor Smythe

Lilian Ivory She runs our accounting department. Lilian is good natured and well liked.

Flor Smythe

Flor Smythe She is our administrative assistant handling customer payments.